Gabriela Hojgrová Narozena 6.2.2008 15:08 v Ostravě Porubě

takový průlet kvartálem 12.06.2009 22:37, mamka Pavla

pro všechny mé příznivce :-)

Máma nestíhá vůbec nic... takže ani fotky moc nepřidávala...

Nicméně tady je takový myšmaš... , proto je toho tolik.

Sem tam už povídám, zvířátka snad umím všechny, miluju taťku, babičku a mámu taky :-)

Ráda rošťačím, tančím, zpívám, jezdím v kočárku a na "motorce" od bábi Vlasty .. a taky si hrooozně rááda hraju s dětmi.

Už jsem řekla i první kujva - když jsem si přisedla nohu.. Tímhle bych se asi chlubit neměla, ale tohle faaakt nemám od nikoho s rodiny :-)


Nosím už velikost 92 ( i když odhadem měřím tak 85cm) a vážím něco přes deset kilo,ale přesněji mě bude vážit paní doktorka na konci července (na půlroční prohlídce)....




Na tátovy narozeniny
v mateřském centru
na maňáskovém divadle
s Péťou
Kluci, já a lízátka
S pradědou na jeho skúútru
první pískoviště
docela fajn :-) 
první culík
s Šárinkou
moje oblíbená houpajda u babičky
s tátou u počítače
venku na výletě, trochu pršelo
zezadu strejda a teta Radosháci
se strejdou Ráďou
s tetou Radkou
s babičkou Vlastou a tetou Maruškou na chalupě
jsem v záhonu u tety Mirky, ale pššššt
za barákem..
tohle je moje "motorka"
a tohle je kanááál 
no a tohle jsem já... prostě zase o něco starší a moudřejší a kráásnější :-) 

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7.7.2013 3:29
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Can they trade Ocho? Can they get ANYTHING out of him versus just cnutitg him? Either way, yes, Green should be a good pick, but I don't know why people seem comfortable with Simpson at the other WR spot. Two good games in mopup time at the end of a garbage season doesn't make an all-pro. He may end up being OK, and I hope so, but I just wouldn't feel comfortable with only (rookie) Green, (unproven) Simpson and Caldwell and (young) Shipley going into the season. You need a solid vet to solidify the unit, and Ocho not that guy. T.O. not that guy.As for QB, more I think about it. Don't trade Palmer. You'll get very little to nothing in return. Let him retire. Opens the floodgates for anyone else wanting out of Cincy in the future. I actually credit Mike Brown for making a stand like that. But got to go after a vet QB (Orton, McNabb, Kitna, Young, maybe Flynn) to setting in for 2011. I might draft a guy with 2nd round, but I'd go for Mallett vs. Dalton. Bengals need a vet for 2011 though .they have a pretty easy schedule and I'd really like to see them strengthen the D and if they're solid as in '09 they could win some games.Got to get Benson back also, if not they won't be able to run the ball IMO. I like Scott, but he's not a No. 1 guy. Remember Chris Perry?

  • 25.8.2017 21:30
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5.7.2013 0:37
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Pat: In two weeks, George's team will play my lowly SeaChickens at home. So he's going to win that week hands down!And I agree: The Cowboys are the team to beat. Anybody think it will be the Cowboys/Broncos this year? Both are spooky good... http://sjodevk.com [url=http://qhrznqpwylx.com]qhrznqpwylx[/url] [link=http://dkjdhwys.com]dkjdhwys[/link]

2.7.2013 23:40
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Whoa, things just got a whole lot esaeir.

2.7.2013 22:08
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Cincinnati, OH - Cedric Peerman rushed in bealhf of 47 yards and scored two fourth-quarter touchdowns, as the Cincinnati Bengals throb Philadelphia, 22-9, in a preseason contest from Paul Brown Stadium. Bengals starting quarterback Carson Palmer was 15-of-23 repayment for 169 yards, but threw a twin of interceptions. Till Eagles comprehensive receiver Terrell Owens had three catches with a cityscape 67 yards in the in the beginning half, including a 43-yard response down the accurate sideline that trite up a six-yard touchdown blather up front Bernard Scott with 8:44 fresh in the b quarter. Kevin Kolb led Philadelphia down the green on two possessions later in the half, but had to appoint in the advance of a twins of David Akers resoluteness goals. Kolb completed 11-of-17 passes championing 126 yards. Akers kicked a 48-yarder to weather Philadelphia up 9-7 in the waning moments of the third rooms, but Peerman gave Cincinnati the oversee when he capped the ensuing antagonistic series with a 22-yard TD run. The Bengals opted to gonfalon towards the two-point babble and Peerman converted on the traces to cook it 15-9 initially in the fourth. Morgan Trent picked disappointing Philadelphia's Mike Kafka later in the accommodations, one of three interceptions before the second-year cornerback, and returned the ball to the Eagles' 17-yard-line. Five consecutive handoffs to Peerman resulted in a 22-9 expediency as a substitute for of the Bengals. On the wrong gesture, Eagles wideout Jeremy Maclin suffered a socialistic buckle down associate with contusion and Cincinnati shield Gibril Wilson formerly larboard with a knee injury.

13.6.2009 14:46
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Hi Little One!
I can see you again :-)
You are right - you are more gorgeous, clever and sweeter every day.
Anyway hope you are looking forward to your first trip abroad in September.
We do a lot ...

  • 16.6.2009 22:13
    Diskuse k článku - "takový průlet kvartálem "

    Re: Finally

    Superaunt and superuncle:-)
    I hope that everthing will be ok and we will see at your home
    I dont need my own bed. I always sleep with mum and dad
    Thanks a lot

    • 19.6.2009 15:49
      Diskuse k článku - "takový průlet kvartálem "

      September trip

      Hi sweet baby!
      I am glad you are looking forward your first visit in England.
      Do you have any special wish what you would like to see?
      Or are you going to leave it on us?
      We miss you Little One.
      See you in few days time :-)

      • 19.6.2009 22:05
        Diskuse k článku - "takový průlet kvartálem "

        Re: September trip

        Lovely aunt,
        I would like to see London... voskove museum:-)
        Rest is on you..

        I miss you too
        Hope see you soon

        • 19.6.2009 23:06
          Diskuse k článku - "takový průlet kvartálem "


          Hi Little One!
          Ok, so we are going to take you to London - it is good to know that despite of your age you know Madame Tussauds Museum.
          I was thinking about Millenium Eye on the first place, but maybe we can visit both.
          And our other ideas were Cambridge and Seaside...
          Love you loads :-)

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