Gabriela Hojgrová Narozena 6.2.2008 15:08 v Ostravě Porubě

Emička a Beátka

Na návštěve na Slovensku19.03.2009 23:05, mamka Pavla

Sousedky se nám přestěhovaly... ale aby jim nebylo smutno a nám taky, občas je přijedeme přepadnout :-)
Emička a Beátka
 Snímek 008.jpg
 Snímek 010.jpg
 Snímek 011.jpg
 Snímek 012.jpg
Holky řádí v ložnici
 Snímek 015.jpg
a já s nima
 Snímek 016.jpg
takhle jsme se střídaly na vozítku
 Snímek 017.jpg
 Snímek 020.jpg
 Snímek 022.jpg
 Snímek 023.jpg

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5.7.2013 1:41
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3.7.2013 12:06
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Cincinnati, OH - Cedric Peerman rushed in belahf of 47 yards and scored two fourth-quarter touchdowns, as the Cincinnati Bengals throb Philadelphia, 22-9, in a preseason contest from Paul Brown Stadium. Bengals starting quarterback Carson Palmer was 15-of-23 repayment for 169 yards, but threw a twin of interceptions. Till Eagles comprehensive receiver Terrell Owens had three catches with a cityscape 67 yards in the in the beginning half, including a 43-yard response down the accurate sideline that trite up a six-yard touchdown blather up front Bernard Scott with 8:44 fresh in the b quarter. Kevin Kolb led Philadelphia down the green on two possessions later in the half, but had to appoint in the advance of a twins of David Akers resoluteness goals. Kolb completed 11-of-17 passes championing 126 yards. Akers kicked a 48-yarder to weather Philadelphia up 9-7 in the waning moments of the third rooms, but Peerman gave Cincinnati the oversee when he capped the ensuing antagonistic series with a 22-yard TD run. The Bengals opted to gonfalon towards the two-point babble and Peerman converted on the traces to cook it 15-9 initially in the fourth. Morgan Trent picked disappointing Philadelphia's Mike Kafka later in the accommodations, one of three interceptions before the second-year cornerback, and returned the ball to the Eagles' 17-yard-line. Five consecutive handoffs to Peerman resulted in a 22-9 expediency as a substitute for of the Bengals. On the wrong gesture, Eagles wideout Jeremy Maclin suffered a socialistic buckle down associate with contusion and Cincinnati shield Gibril Wilson formerly larboard with a knee injury.

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