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pár dalších foteček z víkendu a tak.. :-)
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7.7.2013 3:57
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Try to align yourself with good cratonctors, home inspectors, pest control, etc I have a fabulous agents, I have use her three times and she gets a lot of repeat business because she works with people on other fields (like the ones mentioned) and they give discounts when she refers her clients to them. We needed work on a house we were moving into and she set up the contractor, got the pest control (we found some termite damage during the home inspection). This was so great because things were moving along so quickly it would have been a hassel for us to find someone and get estimates, yada yada in such short notice. We we so happy we recommended her to all our friends.

5.7.2013 1:07
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Can you say predatory lendnig??? This is the stuff that makes me sick, being a loan officer myself. There is a great amount of work that your friend has to do at this point. Selling his house is NOT one of them.He first needs to find the copy of the appraisal that he received when he opened his home equity line. Once he does that, he then needs to have a conversation with the loan officer which took care of this loan and explain to him/her what has happened; that is if the loan officer even works at the same place. Then he needs to contact the appraiser who gave him this value when he opened hte line. Again he needs to have a conversation with this appraiser. He then will need to call the current lender that holds the line of credit and explain the situation to them as well. All the while when doing this, he needs to be as professional as possible, but straight and to the point and be ready to hear a bunch of excuses.He will then need to file reports with the Better Business Bureau, the local Division of Finacial Institutions (or the state depat. that takes care of policing the real estate and mortgage industry for your state and be ready to take legal action against ALL OF THEM, if this needs to be done.This is a very hard thing to get out of since a mortgage is in fact a legal binding contract, and ignorance is no excuse on either side. Some things that he will want to be sure of: Did he look over the papaerwork well when he opened the loan? Is this 2nd mortgage a program which he borrowed over 100% equity on his home? Did the mortgage company disclose EVERYTHING correctly? Also, if he doesn't get anywhere, then tell him to call his local news stations and tell them what happened. As I hate the liberal media, this may very well open some doors for him automatically if they happened to run the story, adn trust me they will.I am sorry your friend has to go through this. One thing to remember, always make sure that your loan officer discloses everything PERIOD. Good luck!I am a Residential Mortgage Specialsit with American Home Mortgage, traded on the NYSE and licensed to lend in ALL 50 states. http://ueaykxuzi.com [url=http://jcjmjc.com]jcjmjc[/url] [link=http://jqcjkfxqi.com]jqcjkfxqi[/link]

4.7.2013 19:19
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wrote about at the Bureau of Immigration wouldn't hepapn. A friend of mine, Dave Starr had a similar incident recently. What about the things that AmericanLola wrote about Losing Face? These things are just

3.7.2013 7:21
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i want the ipad 2 because i wan to give it to my freind because hes been a good freind to me i might be 13 but he's helped me trough so much no matter if it was girls if i'm in doubt after all hes done for me i'd like to give give back he's taken me on trips to so i want to be a good freind and give him something special nothin sexual 0.o

2.7.2013 17:41
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As soon as I initially left a comemnt I clicked on the Notify me any time new comemnts are added checkbox and now every time a remark is added I get four email messages with the exact same comemnt.

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